The Borderless Hotel Currency

Synchronizing and rewarding the hospitality industry

What is Hotelier Coin?

  • A decentralized platform

    With B2B & B2C booking and trading solutions, a secondary hotel room marketplace complete with ask and bid options, and hospitality supplies and talent available in seconds, Hotelier Coin is an end-to-end hospitality platform that connects travelers, corporate clients, hotel owners, tour operators, suppliers and service providers effortlessly.

  • The borderless hospitality currency

    One currency for all hospitality transactions backed by a smart contract programming environment and a sophisticated blockchain protocol. Together, they reduce costs, enhance customer experience, reward loyalty, facilitate negotiations, and boost efficiency while connecting the entire hospitality ecosystem.

  • A one-stop shop

    Hotelier Coin’s integrated payment, management and trading system will bring investors, businesses and consumers together like never before, eliminated the disconnected minefield of middlemen and fees, powering the greatest change the hospitality industry has seen in decades.

Our brands

Hotelier Coin in numbers

170 000+ hotels to choose from

185+ countries around the world

400+ hotels using our HPMS*

Access to 50 000+ Vacation homes

15+ OTA's

* HPMS - hotel property management system

Platform benefits

exchange platform

Hotel room booking (B2C) and hotel room exchange (B2B)

Reduced operating/Booking Expenses

Reduced operating/
booking and
transaction expenses

Platform for Standalone Hotel Owners Operators

End-to-end property
management system for stand-alone hotel, vacation homes and branded hotels for as low as 10 usd /room/month

Travel Utility Crypto Investors

One currency for the
entire hospitality

First Time Bulk Room-Night Buy/Sell Option

A secondary hotel room market place - centralized and decentralized exchange

Cash Back

Loyalty points are replaced with Hoteliercoin tokens that can be monetised

One-stop-shop for hospitality Industry

for the entire
hospitality industry

Be a Part of the Future of Hospitality

We are proud to present our strategic partners

More than just evolution.
It’s a transformation.

Hotelier Coin is disrupting the entire hospitality industry, connecting all stakeholders, maximizing profits, improving efficiency and enabling memorable guest experiences.

The borderless hotel currency


HTL is a utility token. The available supply and demand ensure equilibrium while the increase in capitalization paired with limited emission guarantee a continuous increase in value.

Total Limited supply

150 000 000

(all tokens are stored on the contract)

How does it work?


Big things are about to happen.
Stay tuned.

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  • What is Hotelier Coin?

    Hotelier Coin is a blockchain-powered hotel room booking, sales and trading platform. It was created by a team of hospitality experts determined to build a B2B, B2C and Peer-to-Peer solution that connects businesses, investors and consumers while reducing costs, maximizing profit and adding value to all stakeholders.

  • Where is Hotelier Coin registered?

    Hotelier Coin is registered in Singapore. Incorporation details: Hotelier Coin Pte. Ltd. 28C Stanley Street, Singapore 068737.

  • What is HOTEL-HTL?

    HOTEL – HTL is our purpose-built borderless hospitality currency, it will power the entire Hotelier Coin platform, simplify transactions, reduce costs and reward loyalty. We work with DigiCrypts, a Canadian publicly listed token economics company, operate on the Ethereum blockchain and designed a strategy focused on stable growth in value to ensure that HTL empowers the entire hospitality ecosystem seamlessly.

  • Who are the partners and team?

    All the partners and team members were handpicked by the Founder, Rana Mukherji. The team is comprised of top experts in hotel management, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and finance, and ranges from an absolute legend with 50 years of experience to a highly talented 18-year-old computer science professional. In addition to an outstanding team of experts, we partnered with leading award-winning companies around the globe that specialize in areas that include customized technology solutions and reservation management solutions.

  • Why Blockchain and Smart Contracts?

    Blockchain and smart contracts enable a decentralized platform by creating a seamless ecosystem where transactions and operations become efficient and, above all, secure. Together, they secure the interests of all parties involved, create an unhackable environment and have the power to transform the entire hospitality ecosystem.

  • How many hotels do you have in your system?

    Hotelier Coin is set to take the hospitality industry by storm, we are starting with 180 000 hotels across 180 000 cities in our booking system and 6000 hotels in our hotel property management system and still growing.

  • What other services will you offer?

    Hotelier Coin focuses on offering a complete hospitality and travel solution. Our services will range from car rental services and tour packages to hiring and hospitality products.

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